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Es geht auch mit 100 Watt, ...
25.02.2017, 18:27:57
...wenn auch etwas mühselig. In dem WE-Wuhling auf 40m ist das mit 100 Watt und nur "etwas Draht" in der Luft schon ein Ding für sich...
Danke Euch allen, insbesondere Norbert und Georg! Kommt gesund wieder zurück!
Bis bald, 73

Danke für neues Band
24.02.2017, 19:25:58
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Starkes Signal auf 40m s4/7 1900 MEZ. Danke für 40m Macau. 73, Holger 

Einfach Klasse!
24.02.2017, 18:10:57
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Danke für die 3 unteren Bänder!
160m zu eurem SA 10min. ehrliche 559 an der Bev.
Gute Heimreise für alle! Jug 

24.02.2017, 04:07:31
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Thank you for all your great work, But I guess I will not be adding a ATNO to my log. The only time I heard you well was the first or second night around 2200 - 2300 UTC on 40 meters CW. I have listened night and day. I am retired so being at the radio is pretty easy for me. Just could never hear you well enough on the other bands to work you.
73 NJ3K 

Good Job
23.02.2017, 23:08:31
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Thank you for two new bands. Very nice expedition and very good operators.
Best regard's DANKE

Thank You!
23.02.2017, 22:08:12
Just want to say Thank You very much for the CW QSO and ATNO this morning. Thanks too for making sure you got my call 100%. Your signals in the Northeast, LP, were S5-S7, very strong.
You are my #328 for DXCC
Frank, W1NK

Thanks for two bands
23.02.2017, 16:20:03
Thank you for two new bands. 80 and 30 meters. Especially 10 MHz was nice surprice with my 70 watts into vertical dipole. So you surely heard quite well there!
73 GL
de Jukka OH4MFA 

Big Thank You from England
23.02.2017, 13:04:54
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Big thanks to you all for an excellent operation and as I hear many times, under very difficult pile up conditions!
Thank you for your patience in sticking with my call until completion and giving me the ATNO on 17cw. Thanks also for the following three q's on other bands, although it may appear that one of those contacts (20rtty 21/02/17 09:29) fell prey to a pirate operator as it never appeared in your log!
Unfortunately Piracy and DQRM appear to be a growing trend for DXpeditions and I've witnessed this all too frequently throughout your XX9D operation and find it very very sad!
I hope you've all enjoyed the operation as much as I have listening to you here in the UK, I shall leave a donation to the cause via my OQRS application for QSL.
Wishing you all the utmost fun until your departure and thank you once again for your outstanding commitment. Safe journey home guys.
Jerry G0UII 

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